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No matter what marketing services you require, we are here to help your business grow. While are most often requested to focus on digital services, we have significant experience in traditional print marketing, press releases and event planning as well. Give us a call today and let’s talk!

Keep Content Fresh and Authentic

Web searchers look for content that resonates with them and answers their questions or provides a solution to their problems. If your content is out-of-date, many visitors leave without giving it another thought and often don’t return.

Attract new and returning customers with current content that is relevant and engaging. Make the information useful and the voice authentic. Not only does this improve your ranking, but it helps create loyal customers. 

Help Customers Find You

To keep up with users, search engines are more sophisticated today than they were even a few years ago. Search engine optimization has become more complex as well. The best keyword match has been replaced by focusing on giving people the results with the best relevant content. 

Improve your rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines by expanding your onsite optimizations and provide content that matches users’ intent in a timely, succinct manner.

Drive Results Through Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an extremely cost-effective and successful method for connecting with prospects and past clients if done correctly. Unfortunately, it’s easy to do it wrong. Items like unsubscribe links, proper opt-in records, privacy rules, compliance, GDPR, proper server registration, DNS records and more are required to achieve the highest degree of deliverability and response. 

While many marketing companies rely on third-party vendors for this help, JWCE has been performing email marketing since 2001 and knows all the best practices.

Engage and Connect with Social Media

Almost half of all American adults subscribe to at least one social networking site. As a result, it has become a staple of digital marketing. Social media influences e-commerce and helped the global business market explode. 

Our team analyzes your current social media presence and develops a strategy tailor made for your specific needs. If you’re just getting started we can help you determine where to allocate resources as some platforms won’t be a good fit for your industry and niche. We’ll create social media profiles for you as needed and help you move forward with audience engagement.

Attract More Website Traffic

Website technology and techniques change continuously. If your site hasn’t been refreshed for a while, the outdated design and functionality may hurt rather than help your online presence. If traffic and conversions have fallen off, it may be time for some routine maintenance and a refresh.

A well-designed website using today’s best practices and technology increases consumer trust, and it helps you connect with new and existing customer. Our website design and development team can ensure the site helps you meet customer expectations and business goals and compete in today’s digital landscape.



Target Your Ideal Consumer

Paid search is part of an effective overall marketing strategy. Also referred to as cost-per-click and pay-per-click, it is precisely targeted advertising. When properly manage, it can give you a leg up over your competitors. Supported with focused analytics, it can help determine and improve ROI. 

Carefully crafted ads can compel action. But there must also be a balance between attracting the right clients to high-quality landing pages and a budget that helps you remain profitable. We can help you grow your business while maintaining that balance.

Showcase Your Unique Selling Proposition

Separate yourself from your competitors and blaze your own trail. A brand strategy encompasses the long-term goals of your company and is used as the blueprint for your marketing tactics. It takes into consideration your product and services mix as well as your target audience, competitors and defines your position in the marketplace.

We will be happy to discuss how to get started with a branding strategy to promote your company’s growth and improve market share by creating a cohesive plan the gives your company its unique voice.

Impactful Strategies that Drive Results

If you are seeking a company that is more than just your vendor, contact our JWCE Marketing team. We partner with you and work to develop the right strategies for your business and your budget.

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