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Content marketing strategies

Quality Content for Your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing focuses on the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable and consistent information. It helps you connect with the right people at the right time. You can attract and retain a clearly defined, loyal audience.

Do you know who your customers really are? We’re not talking about demographics (e.g. age, race, gender) We’re talking about who they are, their likes and dislikes, their needs and wants. A cohesive content strategy can positively impact your bottom line.


Content should address the needs of buyers at every stage of their customer journey, answering the questions and concerns they have along the way.

A successful content marketing strategy:

If your brand is young, you can make a splash with new, attention-grabbing content. If your brand is established, adding fun to predominantly professional topics can revitalize a campaign and encourage interactivity. (Hint: B2B content can be engaging and informative).


Content that answers customer questions doesn’t have to be boring, but it does need to be relatable and indicate you are knowledgeable. No matter who your audience, the importance is understanding their interests, needs and goals.


Content marketing should be part of your strategy, no matter which marketing tactics you use. It’s a component of your process in all types of marketing.


  • Inbound Marketing – Engaging content is critical to driving inbound traffic and leads. Examples include:
    • Success Stories
    • White Papers
    • Ebooks
    • Podcasts
    • Case Studies
    • Testimonials
    • User Generated Content
  • SEO – Move up in the search engine results by publishing consistent, high-quality content
  • Social Media – Decide what you want to say and why. Content comes before your social media strategy
  • Public Relations – Successful strategies address issues their readers care about

Strategic distribution of high quality content on the right channels allows potential and current customers find and interact with it.

Impactful Strategies that Drive Results

Content is a critical component of your overall marketing strategy. At JWCE Marketing, we work with you to create a strategy that includes content:

  • With the right tone to attract new clients
  • That encourages loyalty with existing customers
  • That reflects your brand’s purpose and values
  • Supports your goals

If this is the year you want to break free and grow your business, contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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