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Welcome to JWCE Marketing

JWCE Marketing is dedicated to assisting anyone in the world who wants to market a product or service. Whether across the road or across the globe, JWCE Marketing has the ability to help you market and sell your products and services. JWCE Marketing can handle your traditional marketing needs from magazine ad design to media buys, email campaigns, direct response programs and more and can spice it up for better results.

JWCE Marketing enhances and compliments traditional internet marketing methods by stepping up the presentation of information and engaging the viewer to participate by appealing to their sense of sight and sound resulting in a more focused viewer who is more likely to purchase the product they are learning about.

JWCE Marketing's interactive marketing capabilities can make websites livelier, increase the impact of new product promotions, motivate immediate purchases, and ensure customers understand important product benefits in a very effective and economical manner.

JWCE Marketing allows companies to repurpose videos they have used before to generate and continually enhance marketing efforts by reusing the video in many marketing methods such as video banners, video emails, video postcards or through an online channel coupled with e-commerce.

Through JWCE Marketing's analytical reports, there is access to valuable marketing data about potential customers, including their demographics, response rates, click-through rates, purchasing habits and more.

With our international contacts, we can quickly help you expand your market. E-mail us or call and let JWCE Marketing assist you in finding a better way to market and be profitable.

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